How To install WhatsApp On Your PC

Allright, You’ve made the decision. You are ready to install Whatsapp on your pc, but you don’t know how yet? Please read along as we briefly explain you how you can install this app on your Windows or Mac.
Whatsapp for PC
The first step you need to take is to check if your computer is egliable to run this application. You will need an Internet connection to download it, and your PC will need atleast Windows XP or up, and Mac OSX Snow Leopard or up. These requirements are easily to fulfill, as most people have these system specs already.

The second step is to download Whatsapp for your PC. You can do that by visiting this page. When you have downloaded the application you will receive a file that is called “”. You can unzip that file with Winrar, or the default unzipper on your operating system. When you have unzipped it you will get an install wizard for the file. Install the application and then click on the icon on your desktop to launch it.

After you have launched Whatsapp for PC for the first time, you have to accept our terms & conditions and after that you can fill in your phone number or email adress. You will be reachable by this email adress, or phone number so fill this in correctly. You can just fill in the same phone number as your mobile phone, as Whatsapp works on more then one device at the same time. You will get a confirmation SMS or email that contains a code. Fill in that code and you will be ready to use Whatsapp on your PC!

 Open WhatsApp for the first time

When you open WhatsApp for the first time, you have to agree to our terms and conditions. (Press F11 for full screen)

You can import your contacts from your Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail account, and you can also use your contacts on your phone. They will be automatically synced with your contacts on your phone via the cloud. On the Mac you can import your contacts from iCloud aswell, so thats all very easy.

Welcome to our site! Here you can find everything about WhatsApp for PC. Please browse through the site, and look around. We have screenshots and a installation guide ready for you.